Saliva And Blood Spot (Finger Capillary) Testing

Integrative Therapies Wellness Center offers state-of-the-art saliva testing and blood spot testing through ZRT Laboratory, the nation’s leading independently owned and operated certified hormone-testing facility.

Founded in 1998 by biochemist and breast cancer researcher, David T. Zava Ph.D., ZRT Laboratory uses cutting edge technology to deliver convenient, minimally invasive saliva testing and blood spot testing services. Additionally, ZRT Laboratory’s comprehensive test report provides information to help monitor hormone usage and restore hormonal balance.

Saliva Testing is a high-tech testing method made simple; a convenient, inexpensive, and above all, accurate means of testing the activity of estrogens, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA hormones. It is the recognized gold standard for measuring stress hormones and adrenal fatigue for those who need to test their levels throughout the day and at bedtime. Saliva testing is totally non-invasive; you simply fill the tubes with saliva and submit the package contents to ZRT.

Blood Spot Testing
For those hormones that cannot be accurately tested using saliva, such as thyroid and insulin hormones, ZRT Laboratory offers blood spot testing. Blood Spot testing is more convenient and less stressful than conventional venipuncture. This minimally invasive technique allows members to receive timely, accurate results without the inconvenience and stress involved in having blood drawn. Simply prick your finger with the tiny lancet provided in the kit, drop blood on to the collection card, let the spots dry and you’re done!

Whether using saliva testing, blood testing or a combination of both, the accuracy and dependability of ZRT Laboratory offers physicians key information needed to track the progress of prescribed treatment and to adjust dosages accordingly.

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