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Pregnancy and Postpartum programs

Pregnancy – Your Questions Answered

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Introducing A Prenatal Program That Will Actually Prepare You For Everything That You Will Encounter During Your Pregnancy

Stop Worrying About All Of The Unknowns That Come With Being Pregnant. This Program Will Take You Through Each And Every Trimester!

Prenatal & Childbirth Coaching (Virtual)

The childbirth Coaching & Education program provides the following information.

  • What to expect during labor and delivery
  • Birthing options- developing your birth plan
  • Managing early labor at home
  • What to pack for the hospital
  • Practicing natural comfort measure techniques through muscular relaxation, massage, rhythm and rituals and essentials oils
  • Ways to keep labor progressing
  • Epidurals and pain management
  • Vaginal and C-Section births
  • Common interventions and scenarios
  • Common medical procedures
  • How the birth partner can support the laboring mom  

My goal is to give you the tools and the strategies to have the best birth experience for you, your baby and your family.

I will help you overcome your fears and answer all your concerns through our childbirth classes and coaching services.

Linda Reynes

During our time together, You will learn…

  • How to create optimal health through exercise and nutrition
  • How to produce your birth preferences
  • To fine tune your mama intuition
  • To comfortably move through the common phases of labor and delivery
  • To utilize optimal birth positions
  • To practice effective relaxation techniques (e.g., massage, pressure points, etc.)
  • How to release endorphins via breath work
  • To release your fears and doubts surrounding childbirth and beyond
  • How to manage special circumstances
  • How to prepare your home for motherhood
  • How to create your ideal birth sanctuary
  • To prepare for breastfeeding
  • To deeply bond with your baby
  • Best practices to care for your body, and your baby’s body, in the weeks after birth
  • And much more!

By the end of this course you’ll feel fully prepared and empowered to move through childbirth, and enter motherhood, with solid courage, well-rounded knowledge and a hearty sense of excitement. 


Meet Linda Reynes

Linda Reynes R.N., BSN, has  helped thousands of couples get ready for childbirth over the past 40 years.

As a Lamaze Certified  Childbirth Educator, Labor and Delivery Nurse, and mother of 4 she has the experience and wisdom to help you with your journey.

Her passion is to teach you, coach you, and help get you ready for your special day as you bring your baby into the world.

You may be anxious now but with knowledge and support we can help you feel confident and truly prepared.


Take The First Step Today On Your  Childbirth Journey 

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