Currently, one third of the population over the age of 65 will die from dementia. The rates of dementia are climbing at an unprecedented rate with the numbers expected to triple by 2050 and currently there are no medications that effectively slow or stop this process. Dementia can begin 30 years before first symptoms are present. 

With this growing epidemic, the research is becoming abundantly clear that dementia is a multi-factorial problem and no one therapeutic method will stop it. One of the main focuses for dementia is the health of your brain and  your immune system. Untreated concussions certainly play a role along with chronic infections that can increase your risk of dementia by nearly 30%. Monitoring your brain function while improving your immune response not only boosts overall health but can be an effective way for addressing dementia and lowering your risk.


  • History of Concussions
  • Repetitive Hits to the Head Without Concussion
  • Chronic Infections
  • Altered Gut Health
  • Environmental Exposures
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Autoimmunity
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle Choices
  • Diabetes
  • Elevated Blood Sugar Without Diabetes

To assess brain function, we perform a comprehensive neurological evaluation including balance testing, eye movements, and neurocognitive testing to evaluate the function of different parts of the brain. Based upon the findings, a treatment plan is made to address the areas of dysfunction.

Individuals will also receive comprehensive lab work to evaluate immune function, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, undiagnosed autoimmune illness, and chronic viral infections that have not been treated.

At Idaho Brain And Body Institute, we put together a comprehensive treatment plan for you, using brain-based therapies, diet, lifestyle, and nutritional counseling to give you the support you need. We’ll give you treatment options that can be completed in the office and at home as well.